Invitation to Ker-Ching presentation

Good day,

Please join us on Saturday 18 May 2019 at 10:00 at Hirschs Homestore in Silver Lakes Road, Silver Lakes to find out how you can earn commission on your own purchases, as well as the purchases of the people in your matrix.

Basic background: Ker-Ching is still in the pre-launch stage, while all the technical problems and growing pains are being sorted out. Launch date: 14 September 2019 at FNB Stadion. In the meantime we are recruiting members. We will be able to use our Ker-Ching cards to pay for purchases and withdraw money.We will also be able to pay selected merchants by means of a QR-code and a cellphone app (like Snapscan), and transfer money from one Ker-Ching account to another.

We are busy recruiting merchants and service providers. We already have the SPAR-group on board, as well as an airtime and data service provider.Other merchants to follow soon.

I bought the Moreleta Park Ker-Ching agency. I host presentations at Cafe Boma in Moreleta Plaza every Thursday morning at 10:00 and at Hirschs Homestore in Silver Lakes every Saturday morning at 10:00.

Buy a card for R200.00 once-off in the pre-launch phase (no monthly charges).

Pay money into the card via EFT or cash at an FNB ATM.

Swipe the card at selected merchants (new merchants added daily).

Earn referral commission (once off) for people in your matrix.

Earn monthly commission on your own purchases.

Earn monthly commission on the purchases of people in your matrix.

Ker-Ching works on a forced matrix of 4 levels x 10. That means 10 on level 1, 10 x 10 (100) on level 2, 100 x 10 (1000) on level 3 and 1000 x 10 (10 000) on level 4. As soon as a person's level 1 is full, his number 11 lands on his number 1's level 1, number 12 lands on number 2's level 1 and so on, filling up all the empty positions. This creates 'spillovers' and everybody's matrix is filled up over time, wether he is active or not.


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ooking forward to see you at a presentation. Please RSVP to me on 076 527 5720.

Kind regards

Jacoba Calitz

Ker-Ching Moreleta Park

076 527 5720