A Definition of Success by Zig Ziglar (excerpted from his new book, Born to Win: Find Your Success Code) Here's a short list of the characteristics of what I believe success isn't and what I believe success is. Let's start w

  Real Winners Keep Moving the Finishing Line by Harvey Mackay When the World Series or the Super Bowl rolls around, there's usually a reliable way to pick the winners: The guys who say "I'm just glad to be here," aren�

  Two Cab Drivers by Stephen Covey When I was in Germany, I remember talking with two cab drivers. One was an older gentleman, and the other was a young man. The older cab driver was longing for the old days. As he drove us around Berlin, he d

  Going the Extra Mile Will Take You Even Further by Jack Canfield Successful people go the extra mile. Plain and simple. They do it because it says multitudes about their work ethic and character. They stand out from the crowd because of thei